We deliver a comprehensive range of Forensic Science Solutions, covering all stages from Crime Scene Management, Investigation, Laboratory Management Systems to close the loop with the entire case information and we inclusively provide Forensic dedicated Training Programs.

Forensic Crime Scene 

When encountered with a crime scene it is important to act in a fast, effective and precise way, collecting the evidences and including exhaustive information for further analysis. We provide a complete spectrum of products that cover the entire process, from 3D image capturing of the complete scene, to finger, tyre and foot print collection, to the most detailed evidence markers and labels.


Our solutions include the most accurate and advanced technologies for Forensic Investigation. From digital forensic analysis that can recover any password protect information from hard discs and mobiles, to face composite, face and voice recognition solutions, video and document investigation up to the most common fingerprint and materials investigation.

Forensic Laboratory Management Systems

In order to help you organize all the evidences and respective data for each case, we provide the most efficient and reliable information management system for forensic laboratories. This is a solution adapted specifically to this field so it will help your laboratory to work efficiently, precisely, with maximum control over the chain of custody..

Forensic Training

Our training programs include specialized Forensic Science education that allows you to get in touch with the latest techniques and trends in the Forensic field. In addition, our range of product training programs can assist you in leveraging the most out of the technologies you acquire.