Secure messaging for colleagues, clients, teams and organizations of all sizes.

What is Secure Social?

Secure Social is a secured, customizable messaging platform.

Secure Social is for businesses seeking to secure communications.

“Own” it and run it in your data center for total control.

Why do you need Secure Social?

Your employees using off the shelve public app ?! sharing sensitive company information over unsecured channels?

Secure Social allows you to TAKE CONTROL of your communications

Own it in YOUR data center.

Deploy apps in a secured controlled environment.

Secure Social code can be audited (no backdoor).

Secure Social is customizable; custom solutions based on needs.

Secure and open

Protect your information and comply with regulations both within and across enterprises. Trust your mobile deployments.

Ensure internal and cross-company communications remain secure with Secure Social’s unique customer-owned service infrastructure and Admin Portal.

State-of-the-art encryption with new keys keeping your data safe, whether communicating within an organization or across enterprises.

Deploy mobile with TOTAL CONTROL

Connect the Secure Social app to your existing Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions.


Secure Social servers can be integrated with third party systems to enhance and leverage information system access to real-time information. i.e. Real time data feed channels – user subscribe and get notified immediately.

Different Secure Social environment from different organizations can securely be integrated to “talk to each other”.

End-to-end encryption

Keys are generated and securely exchanged from the user’s devices (not on the server).

Encrypted calls

Make calls easily with crystal clear audio quality. Encrypted using TLS/RSA industry standards.

Bidirectional delete

People can make sure their message is deleted on both devices.

Self-destruct/ Scheduler

Keys are generated and securely exchanged from the user’s devices (not on the server).

Teaser pictures

Pictures that reveals as the timer or user’s discretion.

GPS Locked messages

Messages that can be seen only within are pre-defined location radius.