Our experience and expertise in the security field allows us to partner with the most advanced technology suppliers, delivering tailor-made integrated solutions for surveillance, safe communication, access controls, border control and X-Ray systems, which can be used in different sectors.

Security Surveillance

Our range of covert and overt surveillance solutions include real-time face recognition and people tracking, intelligent video analytics technologies from live and recorded data that are able to detect traffic speed, height measurement, object detection, movement detection, virtual alarm zones, traffic congestion or accidents and many other features. Laser and night vision are additional technologies suitable for naval ports, consisting of mid-range and long-range surveillance applications based on active imaging. These types of cameras can operate in total darkness and degraded weather conditions while offering real time video images.

Border Control

At international borders the security standards are some of the highest when it comes to access control. There is the need to identify the person, verify the veracity and validity of travel and ID documents according to National and International standards and regulations, and detect any un-acceptable scenarios. We partner companies with worldwide references in this field, providing tried and tested solutions deployed in some of the busiest and sensitive airports in the world.

Security Access Control

In line with heightened security awareness, controlling access to facilities is a common requirement. Our intelligent access control solutions based on a range of biometric, RFID, contact and contact-less security documents provide a secure and flexible platform that can be integrated into other security systems and time and attendance applications.


Alzomar’s range of X-Ray products is extremely diversified and can respond to postal security checks and metal and bomb detection. These solutions have multiple applications from airports to private companies, and can have different formats from hand-held devices to bigger fixed systems.