3D Laser Scanner

Our solution for 3D laser capturing has been the world’s best-selling 3D laser scanner for law enforcement.

It is long range (up to 900 feet) and high-accuracy.  It can operate in bright sunlight or total darkness, indoors or out.  The built-in digital camera allows the measured 3D data (known as a “point cloud”) to automatically be mapped onto the data producing a visually stunning 3D rendering of the scene.

This laser scanner gives you the ability to go back, even years later, to explore detailed images and accurate measurements of the original scene.  You can revisit spatial analysis and generate new hypotheses based on the high-resolution,”full-dome” spherical photo of the scene.  You can navigate throughout the scene, zooming in and out to scrutinize each detail.  No more missing measurements after the scene has been released.  If you can see it, you can scan it and review it later.

With data from the 3D laser scanner you can create everything from a simple 2D scene diagram to a jury-ready, fully animated reconstruction based upon accurate evidence and expert analysis.

Law enforcement applications:

·         Crime Scene Investigation

·         Vulnerability & Threat Assessment

·         Police Involved Shootings

·         Crash Investigations

·         Shooting Reconstruction

·         Post-blast Investigation