ASIS – The Next Generation Biometrics Database

Automatic Speaker Identification System (ASIS) deployed for building centralized voice biometrics databases – dedicated to law enforcement organizations – providing police forces with a new tool for identification of suspects and criminals during investigations

– Collecting voice biometrics information of known or unknown suspects and related details (e.g. name/group) on a central database;

– Comparing ‘field’ samples (e.g. intercepted calls) of an unknown individual against voice biometric models stored in the central database (or a sub-unit of it by applying criteria as Gender or Language): 1 to M identification.


The identification results consist of a list of possible candidates with matching scores (ranked from highest to lowest probability to show that the audio test belongs to the suspect), thus supporting for further investigations.

ASIS’s web-based interface is intuitive, scalable and can be integrated into a multi-modal platform including complementary biometrics to increase identification accuracy.


ASIS Functions:

– Centralized Voice Biometrics Database

– Speaker Identification (SID)


ASIS Use cases:

– Storage of voice samples for further intelligence required in a speaker query

– Subsequent identification of speaker/s involved in a case during a Police or Security forces Investigation

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