Ballistic Water Tanks

Ballistic water tanks have been for a long time the most used way of obtaining undamaged bullets for direct comparison of rifling marks.

Our ballistic water tank has the following features:

– 1400 m3/h Air Flow

– Stainless Steel Fans (Fan Casing and Fan Blade Make Of Stainless Steel)

– Stainless Steel Ventilation Tubing

– Automatic and Manual Water Feeling System

– Automatic and Manual Water Discharging System

– Water Heating System for Prevent Freezing of Water

– Shooting Safety System

– Lighting System Inside The Thank

– Stainless Steel Chain and Chain Wheels

– Speed of Lifting System is at Least 1.5m/s


Balistic Water tank tested with:

– 7.62mm Kanas (7.62x54mm)

– 7.62mm G3 infantry rifle (7.62x51mm)

– 7.62mm AK-47 infantry rifle (7.62x39mm)

– 5.56mm M-16 infantry rifle (5.56x15mm)

– 9mm MP-5 submachine gun (9x19mm)

– 9mm CZ-75B semi-automatic weapon (9x19mm)