Our Solution for, Forensic Laboratories Information Management System (CLIMS) is a complete case management system to provide a chain of custody with DNA Bank/Matching and several capabilities.

Some of the features are:

– Ready for forensic laboratories. Prepared as a “Forensic LIMS” Solution

– ISO 17025, ENFSI and ASCLD Compliant

– Built-in Crime Scene management Module (Mobile Crime Scene)

– Real Time DNA Bank, Matching and Contamination warning

– Integration with laboratory equipment’s

– Built-in mailing and calendar system

–  Built-in security features (Data Encryption etc)

– Built-in Narcotic Profiling, Banking and Matching System

– Built-in document management, fixed asset, maintenance and HR


The system is offered with our criminal justice experience and as a turnkey project which includes installation, training and maintenance options.


Our solutions are applied and in use for:

Turkish Criminal Police Laboratories (since 2004)

Turkish Gendarmerie (since 2009)