Crime-lite® ASV

The Crime-lite ASV is a bench-top viewing enclosure for the stimulation of the recently introduced infrared anti-Stokes fingerprint dusting powders.

Anti-Stokes is a photo luminescent process that is the reverse of standard fluorescence. Instead of short wavelengths light being converted to long wavelengths, current anti-Stokes powders absorb invisible infrared illumination and convert it to shorter wavelengths which are visible to the eye.

This almost completely eliminates the non-fluorescent background leaving only the fingerprint visible. Excellent results can be obtained with fingerprints on ‘busy’ multi-coloured backgrounds and on materials which fluoresce at similar wavelengths to the common fingerprint treatments.

Crime-lite ASV features:

– Safety-interlocked Class 1 laser viewing enclosure (approx. 510mm W x 425mm D x 250mm H)

– 2 x 6 Watt 976nm Lasers

– White LED interior illumination for alignment

– Laser illumination area of 45mm x 60mm

– Laser blocking fingerprint viewing/imaging window

– For use with infrared absorbing anti-Stokes fingerprint powder

– Flexible exhibit holder (pictured) and height-adjustable document bed