Digital Forensic Stick Kit

This versatile forensic stick kit contains easy to use tools that allow review of a range of digital devices via USB drive solutions.

1- iRecovery Stick – designed to extract active and deleted information from iPhone devices

1- Phone Recovery Stick – designed to extract active and some deleted information from Android devices. Deleted recovery is based on the firmware version of the device; not all firmware support deleted data recovery.

1- Windows Breaker Stick – Bootable USB drive solution that will change the administrator passwords on a Windows operating system device. Limit of 10 changes before stick is inactive.

1- Data Recovery Stick – Bootable USB drive solution that can recover deleted data from a Windows operating system based computer of media.

1- Chat Stick – USB drive based solution that allows for the review of saved chat archives from popular chat clients. Options to be able to turn archiving on within device so data can be gathered in the future.

1- Porn Detection Stick- USB drive based solution designed to scan active, deleted, and web related data for illicit content. Illicit content is scanned based on percentage of flesh tones in the graphical items. An option to be able to do a full removal of data once found is available in the tool.

1- iPhone USB data cable

1- micro-USB data cable

1- Carrying Case