Document examination workstation – TORnado SF91

This Toner Particulate and Ozone Reduction System is a definitely a useful contribution to the health and safety at the document examiner’s workplace. Some of its benefits include:

Reduction of Dust Exposure – Removal of the fine particulate toner dust from the ambient air. No external ventilation required, no extraction from the room, therefore no humidity drop.

Reduction of Ozone Exposure – Reduces the ozone level, created by the Corona.

Pollution-free Storage – The ESDA system can be stowed safely by all-around closeability and mini-cleaning cycles in stand-by mode, especially for users who don’t have access to suitable fume cupboards

Counter for Filter Life Time – The touch panel display features a counter for the remaining filter life time and gives optical and acoustic alert if a filter replacement is due. When the filter is saturated, the ESDA is powered off automatically.

Automatic Fan Activation – As soon as whether the front lid or the side flap is opened, the fan is activated at half speed. Also the optional illumination can be programmed to be switched on automatically.

Automatic Power Adjustment – Automatically on activation of the ESDA vacuum pump, the air flow is increased to maximum.

Catch Tray for Cascade Beads – Below the adjustable support rails, the system features a tray, which can be pulled out for cleaning. The base of the tray is angled towards the left front corner, where the beads can be easily recollected via a spout.