Face composite

Photo-Realistic, Color Composites

An eyewitness description of a suspect is often the only lead an investigator has, and the recall of a witness is better when he or she has realistic, color images to choose from. comPHOTOfit® + COLOR III utilizes extensive databases with hundreds of features from actual color photographs of people—billions of combinations are possible! With comPHOTOfit® you build composites using five basic components: foreheads, eyes, noses, mouths and chins. The resulting composites look like people not generic sketches!

Customize Your Composite

Once you’ve assembled the five basic features of your composite, you can further modify it with accessory databases such as headwear, glasses, moustaches and beards, as well as by utilizing an impressive arsenal of image editing tools. Adding wrinkles, scars, bruises and beard stubble is a snap! You’ll also be able to warp, nudge, adjust or change color, and lighten or darken portions of your composite—fine-tuning the image just the way your witness wants it.