Fingerprint Powder Workstation – POWDERado SH131

Working with fingerprint powders releases fine particulate dust into the working environment, which should not be inhaled. POWDERado SH131 is a workstation that contributes to the health and safety at a fingerprint expert’s workplace. It provides an automated filter system, entirely independent from on-site ventilation. It is a perfect alternative to conventional fume hoods.

The working surface of POWDERado SH131 is made from non-magnetic stainless steel. Below the working surface a combination of a pre-filter fleece and a fine particulate dust cassette H13 is used. The pre-filter keeps bigger dust particles off the H13 cassette and reduces by this a too frequent replacement of the cassette. The running costs remain low.

POWDERado SH131 is operated via a touch panel display to control the fan speed as well as the various illumination options.

POWDERado SH131 features a microcontroller system which offers a manual as well as an automatic mode. Opening of any of the flaps automatically starts the fan at low speed and the incident white illumination is switched on. If selected, every 4 hours a short cleaning cycle is performed, which ensures that also fine dust particles, that only settle after a while, are removed from the air inside POWDERado SH131.

The system can be used as a desktop instrument and also on an optional wheeled trolley or a manually or electrically in its height adjustable rack.