Forensic Containment and Workstations

The solutions we provide for Forensic containment include:

– Evidence drying cabinets;

– Drying filters and accessories;

– Forensic Workstations, Accessories & Filters

– Dusting Stations & Filters

– Polypropylene Fume Hoods & Filters


In the Forensic Lab there are certain cautions that must be observed while dealing with the evidences that are stored waiting to be analysed or dried. We deliver a collection of drying cabinets that protect your evidence from airborne pathogens and cross-contamination while eliminating personnel exposure to putrid odours of decomposition and harmful bacteria or viruses.

At the moment of analysis it is imperative to protect the operator from harmful toxic gases and dusts.


Some specifications of our Forensic Workstations:

– Large vertical workspace

– 360 degrees of visibility for ease of use

–  AirSafe Automatic Controller maintains airflow

– Integral base constructed of polypropylene

–  Extremely quiet operation

– No installation cost

– Optional cart available

Some specifications of our Ductless Fume Hoods:

– All surfaces in contact with corrosive fumes and liquids are structural polypropylene

–  Horizontal Baffles promote airflow pattern throughout the Hood

– AirSafe Automatic Controller maintains airflow

– 30-Watt integral fluorescent light

– Filter condition monitored by AirSafe Controller-warns when Bonded Carbon and HEPA filters need changing

– 110V or 220V operation

– Holds 3 Carbon, 3 HEPA and 3 Pre-Filters