Land systems ARGC-2400

The ARGC-2400 NIGHT VISION CAMERA has been engineered to meet the stringent requirements of coastal & border surveillance as well as Critical Infrastructures protection. With a range-gated intensified camera for night surveillance and two color sensors (Narrow Field Of View (NFOV) and Wide Field Of View (WFOV)) for day operation, the ARGC-2400 is uniquely positioned to provide unequaled identification performance.

The ARGC-2400 takes advantage of a series of cutting-edge technologies developed by Obzerv. Its key features include: a patent pending laser illuminator operating in the near-infrared that matches perfectly the field of view, a unique range-gated Intensified Charge Coupled Device (ICCD) camera incorporating a highly sensitive custom Gen III intensifier tube and an achromatic high magnification continuous zoom telescope. Such technology package would not be complete without Obzerv’s friendly and intuitive user interface to control the ARGC-2400 suite of sensors. The ARGC-2400 supplies critical data in real time and its video stream can be recorded for further evidence or analysis.

Engineered for long-range identification, this system can:

– Read license plate at up to 1.2 km

– Recognize a human being at 8 km

– Classify a vehicle at 10 km

– Pinpoint people in search and rescue activities at a distance greater than 10 km

– Detect optical sight

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