Latent Print Development

The solutions we provide are universally recognized as the leaders in the latent print development field. Latent print development methods and resources have evolved greatly. There are now a multitude of procedures and products which employ both old and new technologies. We offer a complete line of products for developing and processing latent prints.

These products include a wide variety of regular and magnetic latent fingerprint powders and applicators, as well as an exceptional line of fluorescent latent powders.

In addition, we offer a comprehensive line of latent print developing reagents, including ninhydrin, silver nitrate, DFO (1,8-Diazafluoren- 9-one) and cyanoacrylate (Super Glue). Properly lifting, transporting, and storing latent prints is as important as developing them. We offer a superior line of lifting tapes and accessories to meet these requirements.

– Regular Latent Powder

– Regular Fluorescent Powder

– Powder Brushes

– FACII® Powder/Brush Combination Systems

– Magnetic Powder

– Magnetic Fluorescent Powder

– Magnetic Powder Applicators

– Adhesive-Side Print Development

– Chemical Development of Fingerprints

– Fuming Chambers and Accessories

– Latent Print Lifting & Backing

– Latent Print Kits