Portable Fuming Chamber

A fully portable fingerprint chamber for the safe and controlled development of latent fingerprints at the crime scene.

Mounted within a rugged weather-proof case, the MVC lite portable fuming chamber retains all of the features of a full sized fuming chamber and can be used for the development of fingerprints treated with cyanoacrylate (superglue) or PolyCyano UV, the one-stage treatment that does not require the application of additional chemical dyes.

A fully-automated system with safety interlocks and self-contained fume cleansing, the MVC lite provides a safe treatment environment for the rapid visualisation of fingerprints on evidence at the crime scene.

Durable – high quality of construction, rugged hard-wearing case, toughened safety glass.

Automatic – pre-set fuming cycles and self-cleansing process. Optional manual overrides.

Self-contained – fume cleansing system. Safety interlocks only released when fumes have dissipated.

Dual-temperature – heater is compatible with Cyanoacrylate (120C) or PolyCyano UV (230C).