TFD-2 – Thermal Development

The TFD-2 marks a breakthrough in the detection and enhancement of latent fingerprints using non-destructive thermal development.

The first of its kind, the TFD-2 is an automated, high-throughput device capable of developing fingerprints on large quantities of documents.

Evidence is placed on the motor driven conveyor and passed through the TFD-2 optimised heating element. The action of briefly raising the temperature of the document causes a chemical reaction between the latent fingerprint and the papers surface producing a fluorescent by-product that is visible under intense visible light (Crime-light Blue or Crime-light Blue/Green with appropriate filters).

In crimes where large volumes of office paper must be examined the TFD-1 dramatically reduces search times and manpower requirements.

The process offers the scene investigator with many advantages over traditional methods of fingerprint development:

– Latent prints can be detected in seconds

– No chemical process required

– Virtually contactless system reduces risk of cross-contamination

– High-throughput reduces search times

– Visible prints feature excellent ridge detail and contrast

– Can be used sequentially with chemical treatments including ninhydrin and DFO

– For use at scene of crime or laboratory