VB FaceLink

The VB FaceLink™ platform is an advanced Biometric Identification system. It is able to compare one image with millions of images in a database and return the matching results sorted by matching score, in miliseconds.

This flexible and adaptable solution can operate stand alone, matching images from multiple sources such as live videos, video playbacks and still images. It can be used for security purposes by identifying people in watch-lists, or for marketing and other customer programs, for example by authenticating VIP customers, in different scenarios such as Border Control, Airport Security, Banks or Casinos, thus bringing limitless automation possibilities.

The VB Facelink also includes an Enrolment Module with a Quality Analysis tool, which is capable of analyzing the quality of existing face images in a database and reporting accordingly to customizable quality profiles, based on ICAO recommendations for Face Image Quality for Facial Recognition.

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