The VSC®40 range of instruments are designed for the examination of security features on passports, banknotes, identity cards and a wide range of breeder documents. The unique modular design of the VSC®40 allows you to select and configure a document examination system to your specific requirements. An operational system is constructed from the VSC®40 (basic unit) with light sources, software, hardware, databases and decoders added as required.

The VSC®40 system will enable you to examine*:

– UV activated fluorescent features and fibres

– Infrared activated anti-Stokes fluorescent features

– Watermarks and metallic strips

– Variations in the infrared absorption and reflectance of inks and ‘IR drop out’ inks

– Retro-reflective images

–  Variations in the infrared luminescence of inks

–  DOVDs, holograms and kinegrams

– Surface features such as embossed stamps, intaglio printing and paper texture using oblique lighting

– Paper quality, by assessing the level of paper fluorescence

– Print quality, using high magnification up to x43 (approximate, on-screen)

– ICAO coded data

–  Invisibly embedded information (IPI)

*Examination capabilities are dependent on the VSC®40 model, camera module and light sources.