The NEW VSC 6000/HS desktop video spectral comparator is a comprehensive digital imaging system providing the questioned document examiner with an extensive range of facilities for detecting irregularities on altered and counterfeit documents.

The VSC 6000/HS is equipped with a high-resolution colour camera and zoom lens, a range of viewing filters, and multiple illumination sources from UV to visible to IR wavelengths.  Instrument functions are selected and controlled through a simple graphical user interface and the Windows operating system includes casework management and image archiving facilities. An integral microspectrometer allows measurement of reflectance, transmission, and fluorescent features.

NEW features added to the VSC6000/HS include:

Hyperspectral Imaging – A method of optimizing the spectral differences between two different inks on a document.

Birefringent Security Features – A new circular polarizer will image security features printed with chiral birefringent pigments.

Multiple Laser Images – Multiple Laser Images (MLI) and Changeable Laser Images (CLI) can be viewed using either the VSCs side lights or hologram imaging LEDs

Barcode Reader – Deciphers 1D and 2D barcodes including PDF417 format.

Latent Images – A digital imaging filter detects and enhances latent security images on documents.