The VSC®6000/LF is the company’s standard VSC®6000 examination system but with a large bed that makes it suitable for examining very large documents and works of art. It is a bespoke system and can be designed with an optical working distance, magnification range and bed size to suit the material intended to be examined.

It features a range of light sources, both incident and transmitted with a wide range of imaging filters that enable the operator to make examinations at a number of wavelengths. The Windows based operating system provides image measurements, annotations and image enhancement. An on-screen notepad is a convenient report writing facility as is a comprehensive casework management system with image archives.

Other facilities include colour measurement and chromaticity display charts and a high resolution grating spectrometer for recording absorption, reflectance, transmission and fluorescence spectra. Image comparisons can be made between images side by side on a split screen, overlaid or with strobe display with an image rotation feature for alignment.

Features Include:

– 5 Mpixel CCD colour imaging system

– Illumination from ultraviolet to near infrared, 254 to 1000nm

– Wide range of imaging filters up to 1000nm

– Zoom magnification

– Windows operating system

– Image processing and enhancement software

– On-screen Image comparisons

– Image measurements

– Microspectrometry

– Casework management