WCCTV 4 camera Compact

The WCCTV 3G Compact is a discreet unit that can be utilised in any CCTV environment. The unit has an integrated hard disk for digital recording, giving users the option to view either live images or recorded footage from any remote location. The Wireless Compact has four camera inputs, with the option of using either industry standard cameras or specially designed wireless cameras supplied by WCCTV.

The WCCTV 3G Compact features multiple connections for video, alarm, telemetry and power. Each connection allows the end user to remotely control any camera with pan, tilt and zoom capabilities, using the WCCTV software from any PDA, laptop, desktop PC or dedicated control room.

Features & Benefits

  • Portable surveillance solution
  • Four camera system
  • Digital recording
  • Multiple transmission options, including 3G HSUPA, Wi-Fi and broadband
  • Rapid installation
  • Remote access to live and recorded footage
  • Remote control of cameras and other linked devices
  • Unlicensed software, unlimited users at no additional cost
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