360 Panoramic Photography

The 360 degree technology for generating full spherical HDR images with integrated measurement technology.

The Civetta sets new standards in technology and ease of operation. The full automated system for 360° images impresses with technical advance in the field of capturing- and measurement technology. The Civetta provides high-end technology in terms of resolution, speed, picture quality and dynamic range.

The fully automated and digital Civetta can generate a full spherical image (360° x 180°) with 100 MPixel at the push of a button within 40 seconds.

The precise calibration enables to take 3D measurements of distances and angles directly in the images.

By using Civetta it is possible to document complex crime scenes in minutes. The images can then be used for multiple purposes, whether at the team meeting, compiling crime scene reports or at trial. No problem with incorrect exposures, no detail remains overlooked and easiest navigability with the option to carry out measurements again and again.