3D Face Composite

Photo-based software for the creation of composite images, facial aging and updating photos from known suspects. The image database includes numerous faces and accessories such as headgears, spectacles, sunglasses, jewels or physical characteristics like moles, scars, tattoos or wrinkles and represents all ethnic groups in various ages as well as different skin colors. The image database can be expanded and updated with typical local appearances at any time without additional cost.

Using cognitively refined alternating facial features combinations which are selected by a witness through visual impressions COMPOSITE LAB head and facial feature detection capabilities in combination with face recognition technology features enable to select a face or head shape from the portrait inventory which shows a face closest to the remembrance.

Comprehensive modification and graphic processing tools enable to create excellent composite image results in less time.

As an additional worldwide matchless feature COMPOSITE LAB 2D to 3D features facilitate during composite image creation the capability to transform instantly a 2D image modification step into a movable 3D model to be shown in any 3D position to be compared with the witness’ remembered impressions.