Crime Scene Cyanoacrylate Fuming System

SUPERfume is a cyanoacrylate fuming system for developing latent fingerprints primarily for use at major scenes of crime. Designed to treat domestic rooms, offices and garages, and vehicles, the kit enables latent fingerprints to be developed at the scene without the need for transporting items back to the laboratory or dismantling fixtures and fittings.

The kit is designed as individual components that are easily transported and deployed at the scene, comprising a humidifier, two cyanoacrylate evaporators with integral dispersing fans, and an activated carbon filter unit. The powerful 2.3kW humidifier can quickly generate the optimum 80%RH in most environments.  After fuming, the filter system is activated to remove any residual toxic cyanoacrylate vapour.

The complete kit, including warning signs, cyanoacrylate monomer and cabling for operation on 230 or 120 VAC, is supplied in two carrying cases.