Face Examination

Application for the examination of digitised photos or captured images from digitized videos in order to establish an anthropologic report with substantial image documentations for the purpose of giving expert opinions, to be used in legal proceedings. For the evaluation different views (portrait, semi-profile or profile) can be employed. Professional verification techniques together with advanced forensic analysis tools and markers are available to evaluate distinctive anatomical features of the face, which are evidentiary to confirm or disprove identification. To document the specified location and characteristic comprehensive anthropologic catalogues are at the operator’s disposal.

Expertise Examiner provides a unique split image technology. This feature is also known as “instant verification” to be used in fast visual identification checks to determine identity. Biometric values automatically captured by its head and facial feature detection capabilities are used to size two portraits, profiles or semi profile images to comparable dimensions. Forensic anthropologic examination and measurement tools instantly then validate the grade of identity.