MVC/D™ Cyanoacrylate Fuming Cabinets


The MVC/D cyanoacrylate (superglue) fuming chambers have been re-designed to provide the operator with increased functionality and to accommodate the exclusive one-stage process of PolyCyano staining.

The cabinets range in size from the extra-large 2000 litre capacity MVC5000, to the smaller 650 litre MVC3000 and the bench top 170 litre MVC1000.  All feature automatic and manual control of humidification, fuming, and fume extraction by internal fan-driven activated carbon filters.  Automatic door locks prevent the cabinets from being opened until fume cleansing has been completed to provide a safe working environment for the operator and ensuring that the concentration of cyanoacrylate vapour outside the chamber is below the Occupational Exposure Standard of 0.3ppm.

The cabinets are constructed with a robust anodised aluminium frame and laminated safety glass which provides excellent visibility for the operator to monitor print development.

New and Improved features of the MVC/D range:

– Shortwave UV 254nm lamp units are available for cabinet DNA decontamination between operations.

– Variable humidity control

– Increased glue temperature range to accommodate one-stage fuming process