VB e-pass Portable

This is an handheld, all-in-one portable unit that collects biometric enrolment data, and which also performs ID checks by connecting with local or centralized databases, and allows access.

The versatility and size of the vb e-pass portable are the key drivers for its multiple applications: Citizen enrolment in large territories with dispersed populations, enhanced security checks at any location (fiscalisation operations, field clearance, road blocks, prison inspections, work and residence permit follow ups) or even contingent border controls, and many others.

Additional benefits:
– All-in-one unit

– Small dimensions and weight make it an easy to carry and deploy tool, maintaining the robust design

– On-line enrolment in less than 90 seconds, with simultaneous capture of face, fingerprints and signature

– Able to operate without a connection to a power source

– ICAO, NIS and VIS Compliant;

– MRTD , RFID and MRZ reader for Access Control

– Exclusive Intelligent Background Removal, lighting and pose control

– Standard interfaces based on Web services and efficient APIs permit fast integration with centralized Lifecycle Management of e-ID Solutions