WCCTV 2 camera Micro

The WCCTV 4G Micro is an extremely covert device that can be utilised in any CCTV environment. The unit uses a robust Compact Flash card for digital recording, giving users the option to monitor either live or recorded video & audio footage from any remote location. This positions the 4G Micro as the ultimate mobile surveillance solution.

The unit has two camera inputs, a microphone and line input, and several connectors for telemetry, alarms, relay and power. The end user can remotely control any camera with pan, tilt and zoom capabilities, using the WCCTV software from any laptop or PC. All units are supplied with a high capacity Compact Flash card providing evidential quality recording. The alarm inputs can be used to make the unit dial back to control rooms or PC’s, in order to optimise monitoring efforts. The relay output gives end users the possibility to remotely control an additional electrical device (e.g. alarm sound, extra light source).

Features & Benefits

  • Portable surveillance solution
  • 2 camera system
  • Digital recording
  • Multiple transmission options, including 4G, Wi-Fi and broadband
  • Rapid installation and easy re-deployability.
  • Remote access to live and recorded footage
  • Remote control of cameras and other linked devices utilising the relay
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