WCCTV Drop Box

The WCCTV Drop Box is a rapidly deployable, covert product which has been designed to be installed rapidly into any location or environment. The system blends perfectly into existing surroundings in common areas of buildings, warehouses and manufacturing plants. It can also be deployed externally. A hidden camera captures the video footage which can be viewed and downloaded remotely from a PC, laptop or mobile device over the mobile phone network. The recorded images are all date and time stamped and are of evidential quality.

The system can be either mains powered or battery operated. It is possible to remotely arm and disarm the battery operated system to extend its operating life. At the end of the operation it is possible to remove and replace the compact flash recording device and relocate the system to another location within minutes.

Features & Benefits

  • Contains integrated SIM card for remote viewing &downloading of images
  • Rapidly re-deployable
  • Simultaneous Live Video, Recording and Playback from Multiple Devices
  • Compatible with WCCTV software
  • Switches available to remotely activate battery on a covert sleeper unit
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